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Future Litters Planned

I wanted to let everyone know our plans for the litters we have planned for the rest of this year. These are my current plans for future litters. Please note that pairings may change. Dates are not finalized until very soon before they are paired. I wait until females are around 5-6 months and close to 300g. These dates are when I will pair the does & bucks, not when the babies will be born or available. When will babies be expected after a pairing? The doe & buck are paired together around 10 days. Mating has to happen when the female is in heat and may take multiple attempts. The pregnancy lasts around 21-23 days usually. Babies are available to go to their new homes after they are 6 weeks old. If you are interested in a specific line please jump on the wait list and be first in line to reserve the babies you want!


HTG Widow X GRST Alucard

Expecting Colors: Black/Silvermane Markings: Berkshire Coats: Standard/Silvermane Ears: Dumbos Size: Standard Pairing in August or September


HTG Esme X GRST Crowley

Expecting Colors: Mink/Black Markings: Berkshire/Blaze Coats: Standard (Harley Carriers) Ears: Dumbos Size: Standard(Dwarf Carriers) Pairing in August or September


OUAM Bella X GRST Castiel

Expecting Variety: Siamese Coats: Standard Ears: Dumbos Size: Standard (Dwarf Carriers) Pairing in September or October


As always check out my nursery for updates! If you are interested in babies please fill out my application to be put on my waitlist!

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