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How my adoption process works. 



Covid-19 Updates:

I will be wearing a mask and require all adopters and anyone with them who gets out of the car to wear a mask as well, regardless of vaccination status. I am vaccinated. 

Waitlist Status

To view the current waitlist status

Click HERE 

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ below or contact me!

I now will be keeping a limited waitlist!


This will allow people to have a sense of when or if they will get babies and allow me to have time to approve people on a simple schedule. This will be less like a lottery and feel less stressful for both of us.

  • My waitlist will have no more than 10 people per sex.

  • Everyone on the waitlist must be approved 

  • The list will open as spots open up

  • The list will also be cleared out every so often when I reach out and anyone is unresponsive or no longer wishes to be added. 

Are you impatient? This may not be for you!

I can not stress this enough. I do not just have stock of available rats. I do not have shelves of products. I am not a store with stock. I am a responsible breeder and so I breed with a purpose and goals, not to just breed endlessly or make sales.


Every single litter has been carefully planned to better my lines and work towards a goal. Selling is not my first goal at all. 

Generally, most of the time when you contact me you may be waiting 3-6 months or more. Breeding is not instantaneous or for those that are not patient. One person may be getting a rat next week, someone else may be waiting a year.

  • It takes time, I generally do not breed a female until they reach 5-6 months old.

  • Once paired it might be right away or take weeks if I'm unlucky before she gets pregnant

  • The pregnancy is about 3 weeks!

  • That's already around a month just from pairing

  • I don't sell until 8-10+ weeks. That's is around 2.5 months.

  • So about 3.5 months if all goes well from when I paired.

While I generally have litters paired every month or two, some are still new lines not yet available and as always we are dealing with living animals, and mother nature had a mind of its own! I can't know how many babies I will get or of what sex.

You will be waiting 3-6+ months generally, depending on how picky you are on variety.

I am not a pet store. I am not some backyard breeder who is just mass breeding for $$$. 

I hope that those coming to me are doing so because they want a wonderful amazing well-bred animal. That requires work and time! 

My Adoption process:


I keep a limited waitlist. This allows me to keep a smaller pool of people involved. But this waitlist is NOT ordered. Instead, it is an open pool where available rats are generally chosen as first come from those on the waitlist.

So when babies are available to reserve (usually at 6-8 weeks+) I will announce it to my waitlist and then they will be able to reserve as first come. Whoever messages me first with their picks, gets them. Everyone chooses off photos.

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