How my adoption process works. 



Covid-19 Updates:

Currently, the state of New York is allowing some businesses to open. As we are simply doing pickups outdoors, I feel this is acceptable. I will be wearing a mask and require all adopters and anyone with them who get out of the car to wear a mask as well.

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ below or contact me!

As of June 2020, my adoption process has changed! Please read below for details.

If you would like to join a email list for updates on when applications open please fill out this form to be added:

I now will be keeping a limited waitlist!

This will allow people to have a sense of when or if they will get babies and allow me to have time to approve people on a simple schedule. This will be less like a lottery and feel less stressful for both of us.

  • My waitlist will have no more than 20 people per sex.

  • Everyone on the waitlist must be approved and have a cage

  • The list will open everytime a litter is sold and adopters are cleared out

  • The list will also open every 6 months to clear out those who are unresponsive or no longer wish to be added. Every June/January. 

Past adopters still get first pick!

I will also be keeping a variety-specific waitlist.

This is for someone who is interested in a specific variety, such as only Silvermane (or another variety...) They will only get pick when that variety is available.

You have to be approved and they will be counted with the other waitlist number of people. 

Are you impatient? This may not be for you!

I can not stress this enough. I do not just have stock of available rats. I do not have shelves of products. I am a responsible breeder and so I breed with a purpose and goals not to flood the market with an abundance of rats. 

Every single litter has been carefully planned to better my lines and work towards a goal. Selling is not my first goal at all. 

Generally, most of the time when you contact me you may be waiting 3-6 months or more. Breeding is not instantaneous or for those not patient.

  • It takes time, I generally do not breed a female until they reach 5-6 months old.

  • Once paired it might be right away or take weeks if I'm unlucky lol before she gets pregnant

  • The pregnancy is about 3 weeks!

  • That's already around a month just from pairing

  • I don't sell until 10+ weeks. That's is 2.5 months.

  • So about 3.5 months if all goes well from when I paired.

While I generally have litters paired every month or two, some are still new lines not yet available and as always we are dealing with living animals, and mother nature had a mind of its own! I can't know how many babies I will get or of what sex.

You will be waiting 3-6+ months generally, depending on how picky you are on variety.

I am not a pet store. I am not some back yard breeder who is just mass breeding for $$$. 

I hope that those coming to me are doing so because they want a wonderful amazing well-bred animal. That requires work and time! 

My Adoption process:


This is an involved process. I want my adopters to be excited and involved! This is one reason I am changing to a waitlist so those interested can follow along. 


Why does it take so long for babies to be reserved (why can't I reserve babies at birth or 1-2 weeks old?)

  • Some varieties don't show at birth, things like Dwarf may not show up until 4+ weeks, Silvermane may not be shown anywhere between 12 days- 8 weeks! 

  • I am choosing my keepers and I obviously want the best of the best, that takes time to judge them and see how they blossom into something amazing! I don't generally choose my keepers until 5-7 weeks.

  • Sometimes flukes do happen, even in a wonderful line someone may have an issue rarely.

At 5 weeks old-
I will email a notice to past adopters, those on my variety list if applicable, and those on the waitlist. This will simply be a notice that the litter *should* be available and asking those who may be interested to let me know within 2 weeks. 
You will not be picking but being added to the list to get to pick so you have time to know if you are interested or not.
Things can go wrong, babies may not be made available. This is not a guarantee for babies.


At 8 weeks old- 

  • I will email past adopters to allow them first pick. You will have 2 days to respond. 


At 8.5 weeks-

  • I will email those on the variety list if there are any.

  • I will email those on the waitlist.

  • Each of them will receive a form to fill out with first, second, third, etc... picks.

  • It will go in order of those on the waitlist

  • Everyone has 3 days to respond.

At 9+ weeks-

  • Most babies will be available to go home.

  • Deposit is due by 9 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located and how far is it from me?

I am in Dunkirk, NY 14048.

It is about an hour drive from Buffalo, NY
Two Hour drive from Rochester, NY
An hour drive from Erie, PA
40 mins from Jamestown, NY

Visit this link:
Click the directions button on the left side of the page and put in your city/address to see how far away we are!
Take a road trip, we are right on lake Erie and it is beautiful!

Do you deliver or ship?

I currently do not deliver. I am just unable to do so at this time. I do hope in the near future this will change! Currently I am not shipping.

Shipping is done through an airline. They are flown in cargo of a plane just like with cats/dogs. You will have to go and pick them up from the airline once the plane lands. This is very expensive just for pets, you are looking at $200+ not counting the cost of the rats. It would also be a huge inconvience for me to travel hours to an airline and it would be an entire day process for me! It is just not worth the effort. I will be happy to try and help you find a breeder closer.

What varieties do you breed?

I have several different lines including: Dumbo Seal Point Siamese & Russian Blue Point Siamese
Coats: Standard, Velveteen, Double Velveteen, Satin
Eyes: Ruby
Size: Standard Dumbo Seal Point Siamese Dwarf Coat: Standard Eyes: Ruby Size: Dwarf/Standard Dumbo Burmese/Sable Burmese
Coats: Standard, Velveteen, Double Velveteen, Satin Eyes- Black Size- Standard Dumbo Black Eyed Siamese and Marten Coats: Standard Eyes: Black and some Ruby Size: Standard Dumbo Black Self/Unmarked D'Argent (Silvermane) Coat: Standard & Silvermane Eyes: Black Size: Standard Dumbo Black, Russian Blue, Blue Harley D'argent (Silvermane)
Coat: Standard, Silvermane, Harley, Silvermane-Harley Eyes: Black Size: Standard Standard Ear Tonkinese (Siamese Sable) Frost Coat: Standard, Frost Eyes: Ruby Size: Standard Dumbo Black Spotted Tabby (Marble) Downunder Coat: Standard Eyes: Black Size: Standard Dumbo Marten
Coat: Standard
Eyes: Ruby
Size: Standard, Dwarf Dumbo Marten Variegated Blaze Dwarf
Coat: Standard
Eyes: Ruby
Size: Standard, Dwarf Standard Ear Roan
Coat: Standard
Eyes: Black
Size: Standard You can read more about my lines HERE

What are your prices?

$20-$60 dollars depending on the rat/line. Read More Here

Do I need to fill out an application?

Yes. I only sell to those who have been approved! I only open up applications when my waitlist has available spots, generally after a litter is sold or possibly every 6 months when I may clear or unresponsive spots.

When can we reserve babies?

Those on the waitlist or past adopters may reserve babies after 8 weeks old.

At what age do you sell babies?

Babies are ready to go home sometime after 9 weeks old. Yes sadly some other breeders do sell babies that young or younger. Babies that age eat a lot of food and take up space and sadly some breeders just want to get rid of them to make room and save money. But it is not in the rats best interest.

Babies need time to properly grow physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a really important time in the babies lives where they are still learning rat social behaviors that will set them up for life. This creates rats who are able to be introduced to new rats much easier. They will also have better immune systems & be more confident by staying with mom longer. I generally sell standard babies at 9 weeks old and dwarfs at over 10-12 weeks old. They are still babies at this age but more mature and able to transition to their new homes much better.

Will you sell me a single (1) rat?

I only sell rats in same sex pairs.
Why? Read here:
Yes I will sell more than 2 rats at a time.

Can I visit you to meet/pick out my rats? How do I pick out the babies I want?

No, sorry we are a closed rattery. This is for the health and safety of all of my rats and other adopters. You can read more about why HERE on my adoption terms page. Many pictures will be posted along with descriptions of each available rat. All of my babies are sweet and friendly as they are bred for ideal temperaments. Babies are still young and developing their unique personalities, they have a long road ahead of them for their true personality to fully develop. Once you take them home you will help to shape them & learn about their unique quirks, as with all pets! If for some reason you are having a hard time bonding with your baby or do not think it is a good fit, I will always take them back.

Can you let me know when certain babies/litters are available?

You would not believe the amount of messages and emails I get! I talk to so many people it would be impossible for me to remember or individually let everyone know. If you have filled out an adoption form and been approved, you will get email updates. Liking/following my facebook page will also give you updates on when to expect babies being available. I post updates on every single litter. I do apologize that I can’t always give such a personal touch to people waiting. I do try my best to be prompt with answering questions and staying in touch. Always feel free to send me a message!

Can you send me pictures?

I can not begin to express how appreciative of the support/love I am given on many of my photos and I know with the excitement of getting a new pick or wanting to decide which baby you want you may want to see a ton of pictures! But please don't ask me to send pics. I post A LOT of pictures, usually quite a bit more than most other breeders even. I like sharing pics a lot! If you look on my facebook page I am sure you will find the pic you are after of the babies! What I post is what I have. Taking pics of babies is not an easy task. It takes me hours of work. Setting up the area and the best lighting & getting curious active babies to cooperate. I usually take around 300-1000 pictures and have to look through every single one to find the best as babies don't just sit still politely! Then there is editing- cropping them & adding watermarks. It is alot of work that goes into it. I love taking pictures and sharing them, I try to take pictures at each major milestone of the babies lives. A note on Siamese babies- I get asked for pictures of the Siamese babies all the time! Siamese are little color changers! They start off life fully colored and then when they molt their color fades as they get points. So as babies they are not going to look the same as they will as adults. On top of that, all of the Siamese will likely look just about the exact same! I will share the pics I have of my Siamese babies, but there is really no point on asking for pics to choose from as they won’t look like that later on and they all probably look the same!

Do you breed hairless, Rex or Double Rex?

I get asked this so often! The answer is no, I do not. I like my rats floofy. They are just not varieties I am personally interested in.

Do you have Dumbos?

Yes! Most of my lines are dumbo. I only have a handful of lines that are standard ear. Dumbo is just an ear type, there are a lot of myths out there about dumbos. They are still fancy rats. The way their ears look do not make them any larger, sweeter, or friendlier. The only difference is how their ears are placed. Also Dumbo rats are still fancy rats! Fancy just refers to them being pet rats vs wild.

Do you sell to other breeders?

Sure! I love to but I want to get to know you and make sure we both share the same goals and ethics in breeding. Just message me and talk! All of my rats are sold under a pet only non-breeding contract unless you have my consent. If you are a breeder send me a message and I will send you my breeder form!

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