How my adoption process works. 



Covid-19 Updates:

Currently, the state of New York is on "pause" with a stay at home order for anything nonessential. Buying and selling new pets is really not essential. I, like many other breeders, are choosing to do the responsible and safe thing and put our health, our family's health, and our potential adopter's health first by not selling at this time. 

The current stay at home is supposed to be lifted May 15th *fingers crossed* once it is lifted I will be updating facebook, accepting applications for my current litters soon after.

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ below or contact me!

As of February 2020, my adoption process has changed! Please read below for details.


I no longer have an open adoption request.

I was getting around 5 requests every week, sometimes more and sometimes daily, it was very time consuming for me to go through them all and most people would be impatient and go poof before any babies were available. Just a waste of both our time. 

I will now be opening adoption requests only when I have babies available.


1. Follow my FACEBOOK page for updates. I do update my website as well (but sometimes I am slower at it).


When a litter is between 5-8 weeks old I will open adoption requests, this will depend on the individual litter. Those who are interested in babies will either send me a message on facebook or email me ( and I will then send them an adoption form to fill out. 


Please read my adoption terms and my contract . Make sure you both understand them and agree to them. You must be willing to agree and sign the contract before purchasing from me. (You do not have to sign the contract until it is time to reserve your babies and pay the deposit!)



2. You will then fill out an application fully. Really answer the questions with more than quick answers. I apologize if this sounds awful, but anyone who doesn't FULLY fill out the adoption request will be denied. I am no longer messaging people to ask them the questions a second time. I feel it is just a waste of my time and energy on someone who doesn't care enough in the first place. 

This includes full name, address, and not answering "I am not sure, I do not know, whatever you tell me to use" 

When choosing to get a new pet you should do research before getting it to make sure it is a pet you want and can actually care for. If you are unsure about what cage, what bedding or what food to use - maybe those things will mean the pet is not a good fit for you or your life? How would you know?

I have all this information on my website and I will LOVE to answer questions if you message me BEFORE you fill out my request.



3. Depending on how many requests I get, it may take me a bit to go over all of them and reply. But I will reply to each person.

Once I receive your request and look it over one of three things may happen:

A) You are approved. I will email you and let you know this and add your contact information to my approved list.

B) There are some issues and I will e-mail you and discuss them. You will not be approved until we discuss them.

C) You are denied. I almost never just deny someone without first discussing the reasons. Except see above, if you did not properly fill out the application.

Being approved doesn't guarantee you will get babies for sure. I do plan on approving MORE people then I will have babies available. Because people are flakey. I will give everyone an idea of where they fall on the list and chance of getting a baby or not. 



4. Now comes the waiting....

I open up adoption requests between 5-8 weeks old and my standard size babies are ready to go home at 8+ weeks old. I will generally let people reserve (claim their babies and pay the deposit) at 7 weeks old or so.


That gives you about 1-3 weeks to get a cage and the deposit. I am ok with holding babies if the deposit has been paid to give someone more time for the cage or the rest of the price of the rats.

NOTE: I always choose my keepers/holdbacks first. Sometimes this is easy and quick, some litters take me longer. It really is a process and I can't give an exact time. 



5. Once the litter is available for reservation, what happens?

My process of who gets babies is lightly structured-

I pick my keepers first. 

Other breeders may get the second choice if they are interested.

Past adopters get preference over others.

Next approved adopters loosely get to choose first come. Though in some circumstances I may fit rats with someone.

I will list rats available with details and everyone will get to choose from the pictures given.



6. No rats are claimed until the non-refundable deposit is paid. (Deposits are 50% of the total price so if a rat is $20, you must pay a $10 deposit. This deposit comes out of the total price. So in that case, you would still need to pay the other $10. 

Once you claim a rat, I will email you my contract and liability waiver to read and sign (digitally) and an invoice for either the deposit or full price if you wish to pay fully upfront (your choice!).

I then send an invoice through an app by Square called Cash App. It is free to use and 100% safe and secure.  I do not see your payment info. You do not need the app to pay. You must pay at least 50% deposit right away.


If you do not sign or pay the deposit within 48 hours, the babies are not reserved and are available to the next person in line.


7. The babies will be able to go to their new homes on or after they turn 8 weeks old or 10-12 weeks for dwarfs.




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