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How my adoption process works. 




If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ below or contact me!




1. First please read my adoption terms and my contract . Make sure you both understand them and agree to them. You must be willing to agree and sign the contract before purchasing from me.



2. Fill out an application fully. Really answer the questions with more than quick answers. If I have to email you and re-ask questions it just takes longer and you may be denied.



3. It usually takes me a few days to a week before I can look over the adoption requests and approve or deny them. I get quite a few requests weekly and I must do them on my desktop. It takes me a bit of time to read over them, reply, and then if approved add the person to my contacts. I usually check them over on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I do try to approve everyone before I make babies available.


Once I receive your request and look it over one of three things may happen:

A) You are approved. I will email you and let you know this and add your contact information to my approved list.

B) There are some issues and I will e-mail you and discuss them. You will not be approved until we discuss them.

C) You are denied. I almost never just deny someone without first discussing it with them.



4. Now comes the waiting....

I am not Walmart, with stocks of baby rats lining shelves for someone to come and get babies whenever they want.

Good responsible breeding takes A LOT of time and waiting. I get impatient too waiting for babies, I completely understand that feeling. But good things come to those who wait! I have careful breeding plans. I have to wait for my does to become old enough and ready to breed, wait for her to get pregnant, wait through the pregnancy, wait for the babies to grow. Breeding involves a lot of waiting!


While not set in stone, check out my upcoming litter page for an idea of what to expect future pairings
Upcoming Litters



5. Once the litter is born they are not immediately available for reservation just yet. 

I do not breed litters to sell but for my own goals and bettering my lines. So I always have goals and babies I need to keep from a litter. I am looking to choose the best of the best as my hold backs, this takes time to decide.  And some varieties take time to develop or show such as Silvermane or Dwarf.

I will NEVER have babies available for reservation before 5 weeks old. I usually begin to choose mine between 4-7 weeks. So between 6-7 weeks is usually when I will decide what babies will be available. There is not a firm date because these are living animals things are always going to be different each time.



6. So between 6-8 weeks (8-12 weeks for dwarfs) is usually when I will decide which babies will be available. At that time I will send an email to approved adopters, post on facebook and my website. Babies are first come, pending deposit & signed contract.


7. Once you pick/reserve your rats, I will send you a digital copy of my contract and liability waiver that you must sign. It is super easy to sign but you may need to check your spam folder for it.



8. I then send an invoice through an app by Square called Cash App. It is free to use and 100% safe and secure.  I do not see your payment info. You do not need the app to pay. You must pay at least 50% deposit right away.


If you do not sign or pay the deposit that day, the babies are not reserved and are available to the next person in line.


9. The babies will be able to go to their new homes on or after they turn 8 weeks old or 10-12 weeks for dwarfs.