My Lines

These are the lines & varieties I currently am working with.


The line I began with and that is still my main focus are my Dumbo Siamese. They are my passion and the heart & soul of Once Upon a Mischief! I have other lines and varieties that I work with. I only work with varieties that I truly love, am passionate about working with and want to keep myself!


You can find more pictures and examples on my facebook page!

Not all of these lines/varieties are currently available. Some are new to me and still being worked on before they are ready to make ideal lovely pets!

  • Dumbo/Standard ear Seal Point Siamese Dwarf

  • Dumbo/Standard ear Seal/Russian Blue Point Siamese Velveteen

  • Dumbo/Standard Ear Black Eyed Siamese Velveteen

  • Dumbo Black Eyed Marten

  • Dumbo Blue & Black Based Marten D'Argent (Silvermane)​​

  • Standard Ear Tonkinese (Siamese Sable) Satin 2

  • Dumbo Marten & Marten Downunder Variegated Blaze

  • Dumbo Agouti D'Argent (Silvermane)


Seal Point Siamese Dwarf

  • Dumbo & Standard ear

  • Standard Coats, Velveteen, Satin

  • Standard & Dwarf sizes.

  • Ruby Eyes & Black Eyes

  • My first line and currently (as of Dec 2021) on generation 12



Black Eyed Marten

  • Dumbo and Standard Ear

  • Black and Ruby Eyed

  • Standard coat

  • Standard size

  • Currently on my second generation

#onceuponamischief #onceuponamischiefrat

Dumbo Marten

  • All Dumbo​

  • Ruby Eyes

  • Standard coat

  • Standard size but possible dwarf

  • Currently on my 5th generation

#onceuponamischiefrattery #rat #rats #ra

Seal/Russian Blue Point Siamese Velveteen

  • Dumbo & Standard ear

  • In both Seal Point & Russian Blue Point​

  • Velveteen, Double Velveteen, Standard, and Satin Coats

  • Standard Size but possibly Dwarfs

  • Ruby Eyes

  • Currently as of (September 2019) on generation 6



Standard Ear



(Siamese Sable) Frost

  • Standard Ear​

  • Ruby Eyes

  • Standard coat and Frost

  • Currently on my 3rd generation


Dumbo Marten

Variegated Blaze


  • All Dumbo​

  • Ruby Eyes

  • Standard coat (will be adding frost in the future)

  • Dwarf & Standard

#onceuponamischiefrattery #onceuponamisc

Black Eyed Siamese Velveteen

  • Dumbo and Standard Ear​

  • Seal Point Siamese

  • Velveteen, Double Velveteen, Satin, and Standard Coats

  • Black and Ruby eyes

  • Standard Size

  • Currently on 3rd generation


Dumbo Spotted Tabby (Marble) Downunder

  • All Dumbo​

  • New Line