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My Lines

These are the lines & varieties I currently am working with.


The line I began with and that is still my main focus are my Dumbo Siamese. They are my passion and the heart & soul of Once Upon a Mischief! I have other lines and varieties that I work with. I only work with varieties that I truly love, am passionate about working with and want to keep myself!

In 2023 I have decided to refocus my lines and cut back. I am now only breeding Siamese, Marten, and Dwarfs.


You can find more pictures and examples on my facebook page!

Not all of these lines/varieties are currently available. Some are new to me and still being worked on before they are ready to make ideal lovely pets!

I breed:

  • Siamese
    Dumbo & Standard Ears
    Seal Point

    Standard Ruby & Black Eyes
    Standard, Velveteen, & Satin Coats
    Standard size and Dwarf

    Learn more about Siamese HERE

  • Marten
    Black, Blue and Mink Based
    Berkshire, Variegated, Patched, & Blaze
    Some Downunder
    Standard Ruby & Black Eyes
    Standard Coat & Silvermane
    Standard size & Dwarf

    Learn more about Marten HERE

Learn more  Velveteen, Dwarf


Scroll down to read more about each line in detail

and for photos!

My Lines


Siamese is my main line and the line I started with. They are my favorite! I am currently on my 11th generation of my first line (as of Jan 2022). The start of my line in 2014, was with a beautiful Siamese girl named Khaleesi, who was my most heart rat ever.


From Khaleesi and her offspring, I outcrossed my Siamese line and split it a few times. 


Continued still from Khaleesi, the line was outcrossed with a Dwarf Siamese GSR Castiel, that I received from Great Star Rattery at the very beginning of 2016.

In 2016 I also I crossed with a Burmese Harley line (Burmese works with c locus). This line added Velveteen and Satin coats. At the time I did have Siamese and Burmese Harley as well, I am no longer breeding Harley or Burmese.

This is my newest Siamese line. I received Black Eyed Marten from Enchanted Hills Rattery in 2018. Marten is on the c locus and the Black Eyed Marten has the Black Eyed gene that is also needed to give Siamese black eyes, I paired my Black Eyed Marten, Miley with a male Siamese Dwarf, Orion (one of Castiel's sons). This gave me BES (Black Eyed Siamese). Sadly this line had some temperament and Hormonal issues that I had to work out. I am now happy with this line!

I now breed Siamese in

  • Dumbo and Standard Ear

  • Standard Ruby and Black Eyes

  • Seal Point & Russian Blue Point

  • Standard, Velveteen, and Satin Coats

  • Standard Size and Dwarf

Health/Issues in my lines: 

My ;ines are healthy and have beautiful temperaments. At the very start of my line I had a handful of babies with eye issues. I didn't breed any of them and have not seen any other eye issues since. At the very beginning of my line I did have some hormonal aggression in some of my males. I have successfully bred away from that and have not seen any temperament or hormonal issues in a very long time. They are definitely my best lines. Super squishy, cuddly and sweet. 

baby Siamese
Siamese Velveteen
baby Siamese
BES Black Eyed Siamese
Siamese Velveteen
Siamese Eye Color
Siamese Satin
Siamese Coats
Siamese Double Velveteen
Siamese Dwarf
Russian Blue Point Siamese


Marten has become one of my favorite varieties and has a lot of distinct looks. I breed a variety of different Martens.

I first got my Martens in 2017 from Taboo rattery. I was not having much luck with the line until I got new Martens in 2018 from Enchanted Hills Rattery, who also gave me my first Black Eyed Marten.

I am currently breeding:

  • Dumbo ears

  • Black, Blue, Russian Blue and Mink colors

  • Berkshire, Variegated, Patched, Blaze, and Downunder

  • Standard coat and Silvermane coat

  • Standard size and Dwarf

I have not had any health issues pop up in the Marten line. While the temperament needed some work at the start, they are now lovely sweethearts. I have had some of my most beloved heart rats from my Marten line. My girls are outgoing yet lovey. I am extremely happy with this line.

Red & Black eyed Marten
Marten Blaze
Mink Marten
Marten Manx
Marten Patched
Marten Patched
Marten Red & Black Eyed
Mink Marten
Marten Downunder

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