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Supply Checklist for your new rats!

This is my recommended supplies to have on hand before bringing your new rats home! This is extra things besides the obvious of cage, food, bedding, etc...


  • Multiple heavy ceramic food dishes so they can't be flipped over. It is nice to have multiple so you can switch them out during cleaning or have some for treats/fresh food.

  • Multiple water bottles. I always suggest having at least two per cage no matter how many rats you have. So in case one runs out of water or leaks or just acts up and they can't get water out they will still be ok.

  • Igloos (Large) or other types of beds that provide a dark quiet hiding spot. 

  • Hammocks or hanging beds like space pods.

  • A small kitchen or package scale. It is so important for their health to monitor weight and for dosing meds. It should have a tare function and weigh in grams.

  • A small handheld broom/dustpan, gloves, vinegar and a cage cleaner to all make cleaning easier. If you use fleece/hammocks I suggest a scent-free detergent as well.

  • A small carrier of some type or small backup cage incases of travel or emergency separation.

  • Saline solution, Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Hydrogel, liquid bandage, bandages/gauze, 

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