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Silvermane or D'Argent?

Interesting Rat World News....

For those that are unaware, there are many different rat clubs out there. Each club sets their own standards and names for those standards. It can be a UK vs US thing or even just East VS West!

While sometimes it can be confusing, IMO it is best just to pick a club to go with and follow their standards. It does not mean one is better or more correct than another, just different.

Personally I like AFRMA (American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association), While they are mostly set up on the west coast (and only show over there so far...) I just have always really liked & preferred them.

Recently they voted to change some names of a few varieties including Silvermane & Marbles. Silvermane is now called D'Argent (it is french and the name of a variety of rabbit that is very similar looking) and Marbles are now called Spotted Tabby. The varieties are though still both not yet standardized.

I will be officially following AFRMA's standards still on my pedigrees. But as both have been known as the more common name for a while now, I will still be using the names Silvermane/Marble as well.

There is some debate about the changes mostly from those who are not part of AFRMA, some feel it is wrong to change names that those who discovered them gave them. Others just hate everyone being on different pages. Alot of varieties already have different names and it is doubtful that everyone will ever be on the same page is what it is :)

You can find the listings for them here:

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