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Blue and Russian Blue 

Russian Blue rat

Left: Blue Silvermane   Top: Russian Blue Hooded

Colors    ::    Genetics  Blue: gg  Russian Blue: dd




Description: Russian Blue and Blue are two different genes entirely. Russian blue being dd & Blue being gg. Russian Silver is both combined.

Russian Blue is a dark grey/blue color similar to the Blue cats. It is ticked.

Blue comes in many different shades ranging from a dark slate blue to a light powder blue. 

Blue & Russian Blue are colors, they can be on any type of marking and coat type. 

Standards: AFRMA has standards for Blue under different names. It is caused by the same gene but just for different selection. Some lighter and some darker. All linked below:


Powder Blue

Sky Blue

Russian Blue

Blue & Russian Blue are black based colors. But can be combined with Agouti to make Blue Agouti and Russian Blue Agouti. 


Both Blue & Russian Blue can also be combined with other colors to give different shades. Such as:

Mink + Blue = Platinum 

Mink + Russian Blue = Russian Dove

Beige + Russian Blue = Blue Beige

Or on color point to make like Russian Blue point Siamese, Tonkinese, Burmese. 

My Lines:

I have had Russian Blue since I began breeding. I had a dedicated Russian Blue line that didn't go in the direction I wished and I decided to not continue breeding them. But I had Russian Blue in my Siamese line as well. 

I got blue in early 2017 from Taboo Rattery.

I have Russian Blue Point Siamese and Blue/Russian Blue Marten on occasion.

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