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Rat Pricing



All of my rats are sold in same-sex groups of 2 or more. 

All rats are $40 each.

That is $80 per pair.




My prices are used to help cover rat expenses, adoption packets, 

and yearly testing which is very expensive!

I try to keep my prices fair. They are generally in line with other breeders that I know.

I am not out to make a profit (and really don't, rats are expensive to keep! Can you imagine how much food I go through? lol).

Breeding is a very expensive and time-intensive hobby. The amount of time I devote to not only care and cleaning of animals but to my website, facebook, pictures, and talking with adopters/answering questions is pretty much all of my time. I have no life outside of rats lol I do this for the passion of doing it, not to become rich. If I can make enough to cover just the food I would be happy, which generally is not the case at all!

I also take into account that by far most of my adopters come from about an hour+ drive to get to me. So I do acknowledge that and keep my prices slightly lower to account for that!



Payment Policy

I now only accept cash at time of pickup. Exact price only, as I will not have change to give.


Travel Fees

I charge a flat-rate fee of $25 for travel within an hour of me. (When I am able to travel which is not often)
This is often lower than the business mileage fees that are suggested for travel. (Remember I have to make a round trip)

This fee must be paid upfront and is non-refundable.

See my adoption terms for more info 


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