Rat Pricing



All of my rats are sold in same-sex groups of 2 or more. Pricing listed is per rat.




Standard Coat/Size















Siamese Sable





Spotted Tabby



Black Eyed Siamese



I try to keep my prices fair. They are generally in line with other breeders that I know. I am not out to make a profit (and really don't, rats are expensive to keep! Can you imagine how much food I go through? lol). Breeding is a very expensive and time intensive hobby. The amount of time I devote to not only care and cleaning of animals but to my website, facebook, pictures and talking with adopters/answering questions is pretty much all of my time. I have no life outside of rats lol I do this for the passion of doing it, not to become rich. If I can make enough to cover just the food I would be happy, which generally is not the case at all!

I set my prices by how much work, effort and knowledge a line requires. Some newer lines need more work and were more difficult to find/add to my rattery. As well some newer lines with fewer generations may be cheaper then lines that are more established. Some lines are more difficult to breed or have smaller litters which is accounted for as well.

I also do price more newer varieties high to not encourage fad buyers. Sadly I have seen far too many people think that owning rats is like pokemon and they need to collect every variety! Then they become overwhelmed by too many rats they can not properly care for or devote time to and need to downsize. Some varieties are amazing and fun to own and stand out, but they are still living things and not something to just collect. I hope everyone takes a moment to really think about if they really want another rat or just a pretty coat.



Payment Policy

I have several different options for payments. All payments must be paid in full before or at the time of pickup.

I accept cash (exact change only) or payment through the CASH APP by Square. I do not accept checks or money orders, sorry.


Cash App is free and 100% safe & secure. Your payment information is kept confidential and secure so I don't even see it. I will send you an invoice to your email address.

You can pay ahead of time! *If you pay ahead of time I will refund the price of the rat (-deposit) if for whatever reason you need to change your mind or can no longer take the rat.

 Deposits (Holds/Reserves)

Rats are reserved for a 50% nonrefundable deposit. This is taken from the total price, so if a rat is $20 you must pay $10 deposit and at time of pickup you must pay the other $10



Exceptions to the non-refundable status:

  1. If I decide you are no longer an approved adopter I will remove you from the waitlist and at my discretion refund. If you are caught lying, being dishonest, broke the contract or it was discovered you abused/neglected animals you will not be refunded.

  2. If I close down my rattery or go on a hiatus, everyone will be refunded in a timely manner.

  3. If a MAJOR life event has occurred that would prevent you from taking rats, you might be refunded at my discretion. Most of the time you will just be placed on hold but there may be exceptions, I'm not heartless!

Deposits paid to reserve a rat are nonrefundable unless for some reason I am unable to provide the rat, such as a health issue or god forbid an accident occurs. I would first attempt to replace with another suitable rat but if one is not available or you are not interested in those rats, then the fee will be refunded.

Travel Fees

I charge a flat rate fee of $25 for travel within an hour of me.
This is often lower then the business mileage fees that is suggested for travel. (Remember I have to make a round trip lol)

This fee must be paid upfront and is non-refundable.

See my adoption terms for more info