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How to make a bin cage

I LOVE bin cages for a variety of uses. They are the absolute perfect maternity cage, hospital cage, travel, quarantine or temp cage. They are cheap and fairly easy to make. A lot of people worry that bin cages are not a good cage, that they do not provide enough ventilation, a stimulating environment, are too small, or that people are just trying to cheap out by using one. None of that is true when it comes to properly made bin cages! 1. Bin cages provide perfect ventilation just as any normal proper cage would. Ventilation means air can freely flow through the cage. A bin cage should have windows added to both long sides. This provides free flowing air and causes no ventilation issues. You

Widow's Litter

. Widow X Crowley Litter #BLKDWc16WUCCA13 13 beautiful babies born 8/07/2016 9 Boys and 4 girls Blacks- berk, variegated, blaze Possible dwarfs (won't know until older) All dumbo Standard coat

Is my rat a Dwarf?

Quite often in groups I see someone posting a picture of their small rat asking if it could be a dwarf or not. So far every time I have seen someone ask, it has not been! But I wanted to make a quick guide to point out the differences. You can also check out my page on dwarfs HERE. First of all it is important to point out that dwarfs are not just small rats. Dwarf is a recessive gene that the rat has to have to be a dwarf. Being recessive it also has to come from both parents. Dwarf being a newer variety they are not a whole lot of them out there just willy nilly every where. You are really only going to find them from breeders. There is always some small chance that someone had to turn the

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