Rat Terminology

Thought I would share some terminology used in the rat community and some specific to myself!

Pinkie: When baby rats are born they are naked (no fur) and pink. So we call them pinkies.

Jellybean: Also refers to little babies. IDK why... They are small I guess? But it is a pretty common phrase.

Ritten/Kitten: Ritten is a fun name we sometimes use to refer to babies as well. It is the words Rat + Kitten combined. Kitten refers to babies. Though some also use pups.

Buck: A male rat

Doe: A female rat

Mischief: It means a group of rats. Like a group of lions is called a pride, other animals are called herds or swarms or packs, a group of crows is called a murder. For rats we call it a mischief. Hence my ratteries name!

Brux: The noise rats make when they grind their teeth together. They do it quite often to keep their teeth trim and it can also be done when they are scared or even in pain. But quite often they do it when they are happy or excited.