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These are the current available rats I have for sale.


Please check out my facebook for updates. If you are interested in buying any rats please fill out an APPLICATION after reading my adoption TERMS .
Rats are ONLY available to those who have been approved.


All rats must go in same sex pairs of two or more.
To reserve, message me by email: contact@onceuponamischief.com
Or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onceuponamischief/

Tell me which rats you choose to reserve and I will send you an invoice for the deposit, if they are still available.
If you have questions be sure to ask or most answers can be found on these pages:


Current Available Babies


Dumbo Black Self Males

Dumbo Siamese Males

Dumbo Marked Blaze (no point) Siamese Male

Dumbo Blaze Marten

Available the end of November

Dumbo Siamese Dwarf

Upcoming Planned Litters

That should be available

Pairing in November - Dumbo Siamese, Marten, Possibly - Black Eyed Siamese, 

Pairing in December - Black Silvermane



** If not noted they are standard size/coat **









If you need to understand how my adoption process works please check out my FAQ HERE