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Adoption Request

My adoption application only opens when there are open spots on my limited waitlist.

This happens after a litter is sold, and those adopting are removed.

If you wish to get updates to see when my application opens you can follow my facebook page 

My adoption application is long and detailed so I can make sure you know how to care for a pet rat and that you would make a good home for my babies. I love my rats and as a responsible breeder, it is most important to me to find them the best homes possible. 

I expect those wanting to apply to already know what cage they want to use, what food they will be feeding and what bedding they plan to use and know of a vet that will treat rats in case of an emergency. How do you know if a rat would be a suitable pet for you and your home if you have not done this research first? All of this info is found on my website! And I am more than happy to answer questions. I also highly recommend the facebook group Realistic Pet Rat Owners for questions and advice.

To be approved you MUST:

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Fill out the application fully and completely. The #1 reason people are denied is they leave answers that clearly state to answer blank or with missing info

  • You MUST KNOW of a vet that will treat rats, not all vets will treat rats so actually call and ask - I will check. 

You do not have to already own a cage to join the waitlist but in order to reserve a rat you will need a cage approved. If you know you want rats I suggest buying the cage ahead of time anyways. Its ok to let it sit empty while you wait for rats :) But please if the cage is not on my approved cage list, double check with me before buying or I may not approve it. 

Applications and the waitlist are currently

Adoptions are open 

for MALE Siamese Dwarfs

Fill out an application here:

Please note it may take up to a week to get a response, please have patience 

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