Adoption Request

My adoption application only opens when there are open spots on my limited waitlist.

This happens after a litter is sold, and those adopting are removed.

And every 6 months I recheck in with those on the waitlist and if they do not respond or no longer wish to be on the list, they are removed. This happens in June & January. 

If you wish to get updates to see when my application opens you can follow my facebook page and/or sign up here to my email list for updates:

My adoption application is long and detailed so I can make sure you know how to care for a pet rat and that you would make a good home for my babies. I love my rats and as a responsible breeder, it is most important to me to find them the best homes possible. 

I expect those wanting to apply to already know what cage they want to use, what food they will be feeding and what bedding they plan to use and know of a vet that will treat rats in case of an emergency. How do you know if a rat would be a suitable pet for you and your home if you have not done this research first? All of this info is found on my website! And I am more than happy to answer questions. I also highly recommend the facebook group Realistic Pet Rat Owners for questions and advice.

To be approved you MUST:

  • Be over 18 years old

  • already have an approved cage

  • KNOW of a vet that will treat rats, not all vets will treat rats so actually call and ask - I will check. 

Applications and the waitlist are currently


See above to join the update list 

Please note it may take up to a week to get a response, please have patience