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Using Bedding in

Critternation Cages

Critternations are great cages but for reasons unknown, they have the absolute worst tiny shallow pans. This makes using bedding in them pretty much impossible without added items.

You have several choices that I will go over!

Pics at the bottom of the page!

Best but $$$ option

You can purchase pans from Bass Equipment. The ones that say they are for the ferret nation are for the critternation as well!


  • They are made for the cage so fit perfectly

  • They are metal and so will not be chewed or destroyed

  • Will last a good long time

  • They have shelf pans as well

  • They have pans to fit the cutout of the Double Critternation for the ladder between top and bottom


  • Expensive. 

    • The galvanized are $22 with nearly $20 shipping in the US. for the shallower pan

    • The steel are $42 with about $24 in shipping in the US for the shallower pan.

  • You should get the Steel, as galvanized isn't great to use and can absorb urine. If you get the galvanized you should paint it and let it cure for several weeks with Rust-Oleum paint.

  • Are still kindof shallow with 2-3 inches.


Best inexpensive option

Concrete mixing tub from Home Depot. These are large plastic black tubs that fit inside the bottom of the critternation.


  • Cheap. Like $13 

  • Very deep, no poop or food slinging messes, no bedding all over your floor, less chance of pee on the wall/floor. 

  • Great if you have touchy cats (other pets/children) 

  • But it is so high, hides too much of the cage!! - This is actually a good thing! Rats are fossorial burrowing animals. This gives them a much more natural, healthy, and mentally stimulating environment for them. it is best for them. You still can decorate the top of the cage.


  • Plastic can be chewed. I have had very litter issues with it ever being chewed if used correctly but it does depend on your animals. If chewed it can be replaced easily as it is inexpensive though.

  • It can be a royal pain in the butt to get it in the cage. DO NOT cut or trim it. That will only leave an edge they will want to chew. The best way to get it in is to line it up flat and push straight. You will want to try to put it in at an angle, your brain will tell you it makes sense. But it is much more difficult to do so. 

  • If you use a DCN it won't really work for the top with the hole.



For shelves:

  • You can use these under the bed storage boxes 28qt, Sterilite brand. I think they are $5. They fit perfectly on the shelf with or without the pan under it.

  • Large cat litterboxes often work. The large grayish ones from walmart fit very well.

The Absolute Worst Options
(Do not use these)

  • The critternation brand scatterguards
    These do not work well at all. They are so bad. So so bad. Bedding will get pushed underneath and they are a pain to take off and clean around. You will cry.


  • Cardboard boxes or cardboard around the bars.
    Cardboard gets gross quick. You would need to change it daily.

cement mixing pan cage

Above ^ Cement mixing tub in a Critternation

Right > Cement mixing tub in a Critternation with a storage tub on the shelf.


The pics below were kindly shared with me to post here with their permission from the group Realistic Pet Rat Owners


These first pics are from Monica Lee Hainje, showing another way to use the cement bins!   Good for rats that do not chew.


These cages below belong to Whitney Mariah Turnbull-Huggins are showing the metal pans

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