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Siamese Sable aka Tonkinese

tonkinese frost rat

Siamese Sable is also sometimes called Tonkinese. These are not to be confused with the Sable Siamese which is a variety found in South Africa. It is a dominant gene on the C Locus.

Description:  Tonkinese is a color point shaded variety, that is a rich brown similar to Burmese except shaded. Also like Burmese it comes in two shades that of hetero ( one copy) which is a lighter shade and the standard and homo (two copies) which is darker. They have ruby eyes like Siamese but can have black eyes with the Black Eyed (BE) gene. Is similar to Siamese Sable in Rabbits.

Standard: This is a variety with some controversy as it was originally named Tonkinese by its founder and AFRMA decided to name it Siamese Sable. It is also very close to the Sable Siamese name and that can cause confusion. 

Siamese Sable is not yet standardized by AFRMA


SIAMESE SABLE - Body color to be a light brown similar to the Burmese gradually and evenly shaded over saddle and hindquarters towards the belly, being darkest at base of tail. Tail color to extend down the length of the tail. Belly color to be light brown. The points (nose, ears, feet, tail, and tail-root), which are a very dark brown, are as for the Seal Point Siamese. Eye color is light ruby. Siamese Sable to be shown only in AOCP class. 


History: These beauties were discovered in Texas by the breeder Kodachrome Rattery.  She strongly prefers the name Tonkinese. She is a lovely breeder btw, definitely check out her page! It is still a very new variety and has recently been shared with more and more breeders.


tonkinese rats
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