Upcoming Litters

These are my current plans for future litters. Please note that pairings may change.

Dates are not finalized until very soon before they are paired. I wait until females are around 5-6 months and close to 300g. Dwarfs & dwarf carriers ofcourse are judged much different by weight.

These dates are when I will pair the does & bucks, not when the babies will be born or available unless otherwise stated.

When will babies be expected after a pairing?
The doe & buck are paired together around 10-20 days. Mating has to happen when the female is in heat and may take multiple attempts.
The pregnancy lasts around 21 days usually.
Babies are available to go to their new homes after they are 8 weeks old for standard size and 10-12 weeks for dwarf.

Some lines/varieties maybe even older.

If you are interested in an upcoming litter please read my adoption term & FAQ

TBD= To Be Determined.

All of my pairings are perfectly planned far ahead of time. Every single litter I have is a step towards my goals of improving my lines. I never have a litter "just because" or "just to sell" or "for demand". That means that there may not be babies always available, but it does mean that the babies born are responsibly brought into this world with care!

Important Note:

Many of my lines are new to me. These new lines will require time for me to improve them before any babies will be made available. Some may not quite yet have beautiful natural ideal temperaments or just require me to hold many back as I build a strong foundation for my own lines. The extra care/time spent working on them means in the near future I will have awesome amazing babies available from them! Please be patient!


My Next Pairings:



Future pairings are just goals/plans. It depends on the rat's temperament, health & maturity. None of this is set in stone......

I am super lazy & there is a lot of info to type out lol I only mention something if it is not standard. So if I don't mention a coat type then they have a standard coat, if I don't mention size- they are standard size.

OUAM = my rattery pre-fix. It means the rat was bred here by me.


Pairing in May

*None available

These litters are building up new lines


Rey X Illidan

(BES Velveteen) x (Russian Blue self)


Star X Illidan

(Roan) x (Russian Blue self)

Comet X Illidan

(Roan) x (Russian Blue self)

Freja X Illidan

(Tonkinese) x (Russian Blue self)


*possible available

Era X Ezra

Burmese Velveteen




Pairing in June

*Possibly available


Elune X Malfurion

(Black Downunder) x (Black Berkshire Blaze)

Tyrande X Medivh

(Black Downunder) x (Black Silvermane)

Sylvanas X Medivh

(Black Downunder Silvermane) X (Black Silvermane)




Pairing in July

*Possibly available


Yrel X Atreyu

Siamese Dwarf




Pairing in August

*Should have babies available


Juliette X Karl

Siamese Velveteen

Cleo X Chase

(Martens Silvermane) x (Marten Irish Silvermane)


Fiona X Siamese - Maybe




Pairing in September


Blossom X Chase

(Marten-Marble Downunder) x (Martens Irish SM)

Buttercup X Cash

(Marten-Marble x (Martens Berk Downunder)

Bubbles X Charlie

Martens self

Bianca/Britta X Chance

Mink Martens Variegated Blaze




Pairing in October


Cherry/Channel X Chance

Martens Variegated Blaze


Braelyn X Cash



Cosette X BE Marten


Cinder X Keanu





Pairing in November


BE Martens Self


Agouti Silvermane Downunder



Pairing in December





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