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Food Hoarding

In general rats can be quite the little hoarders! It is in their very nature to collect food or treasures and take it all back to the nest for safe keeping. Let's be honest it is a very rodent thing to do! It is often a question people bring up, asking how they should handle it or if it is normal. The very first rats I ever had were awful hoarders. They would empty the food dish and every bite would be stashed away in their hammocks or beds. It was a god awful pain to deal with. The food often becomes yucky and you end up wasting food during cage cleaning. You always have to wonder if the food dish needs refilling or if they have enough food hidden away to be fine. And you have to be careful

Rat Terminology

Thought I would share some terminology used in the rat community and some specific to myself! Pinkie: When baby rats are born they are naked (no fur) and pink. So we call them pinkies. Jellybean: Also refers to little babies. IDK why... They are small I guess? But it is a pretty common phrase. Ritten/Kitten: Ritten is a fun name we sometimes use to refer to babies as well. It is the words Rat + Kitten combined. Kitten refers to babies. Though some also use pups. Buck: A male rat Doe: A female rat Mischief: It means a group of rats. Like a group of lions is called a pride, other animals are called herds or swarms or packs, a group of crows is called a murder. For rats we call it a mischief. H

Do rats need things to chew on?

I see this question posted over and over and over again in rat groups. People get so worried that their rat's teeth will overgrow if they do not have something to chew on and wear them down. The truth is that rats DO NOT need anything to chew on. They very naturally grind their own teeth together to wear them down. This is called bruxing. Over grown teeth in rats is called malocclusion and is either caused by injury or a genetic issue where their teeth do not align properly. Without being properly aligned they can't grind them down. When a malocclusion occurs they have to have their teeth trimmed for the rest of their life. Read more about malocclusion and find a guide on how to trim a rats

Weaning & Separating Babies

At what age to properly wean and separate babies from their mom is always a topic with a ton of different opinions on! This is just alittle bit of info on when and more importantly why I do what I do. When to wean and why? First lets discuss what weaning means. In my opinion weaning should be done naturally whenever possible. There may be a rare situation where you have to wean the babies yourself early but it would be very rare and for the health and wellbeing of the babies or mother. A rat mother will naturally wean her babies at around 4 weeks old, sometimes a little older, sometimes a little younger. The biggest pro of this is that it is done slowly over time. The mother will nurse them

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