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Variety: Velveteen

Velveteen is a coat type. It is a dominant gene



Description: Velveteen is a coat, that is a rexoid type. It is less curly than rex with a more wavy appearance. As babies, they look like little lambs but sadly as they grow it softens out quite a bit. Unlike Rex, when Velveteen is doubled it does not have hair loss but instead becomes a bit thicker, plush and more curly.

Velveteen is also quite a soft coat. Not as soft as Silvermane but still much softer than standard.

One of my favorite things about the Velveteen coat is the absurd whiskers that come with it. I call it whisker explosions lol and if you follow my facebook page you will know that I take a ton of whisker shots of the velveteen coat because I just am obsessed!!


Velveteen does not have a lot of information out there on it. It is not standardized or even listed on AFRMA's website. It is not the same as Velvet. And some people feel it is just Rex and not separate. I am not one of those people, as it is quite distinctive and does not have hair loss. 

Most of the information I have gathered is from hands-on experience of working with the variety and speaking with other breeders who also work with it. 

My Lines:

I have had Velveteen since 2016, my first litter was born in November 2016 as a cross into my Siamese line. From there I added it to my Burmese line as well.

In my Siamese and Burmese lines they also carry Satin coat and the Satin-Velveteen is my absolute favorite coat. It is soft, shiny with an almost iridescent look, The whiskers are too fabulous. 

My current Siamese line is Velveteen 

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