Single Rats & Why I don't sell them

I ONLY sell rats in same sex pairs. I will not sell you a single rat.


Rats are very social animals. They are made for group life. That is what makes them such wonderful pets is that group mentality of love! There are even studies showing rats can be depressed by being alone, and I have even seen it myself.

No you can not possibly give a rat enough attention to make up for a friend. You can not possibly be there 24/7. Even if you spent 5 hours with that rat a day, which is more than most people can, what about the other 19 hours?

Can you snuggle up in a hammock? Are you fluent in rat?

You can not replace another rat.

What happens the day you are sick or tired or busy with work or school? It is selfish and unfair to the rat.

One thing that makes me a good breeder is my responsibility to the animal’s well being & holding my ethical views higher than a sale. I will not compromise that.