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Once Upon a time there was a breeder who wanted to share her passion and love of rats with the world....

I am a PET rat breeder located in Western New York state, Specifically: Dunkirk, New York 14048.

My main focus is Siamese Dwarfs

I breed for health, temperament and beautiful rats to standard, Striving to create better amazing rats!! I am always working to improve my lines.


My rats are all my beloved pets and part of the family. I cherish their companionship. And strive to give them the best care and love I can provide.

Rats are truly amazing little animals with big personalities! They are one of the smartest animals with complex problem-solving minds and empathy. They are hands-on pets that seek out human interaction. They want attention, love, and cuddles!


I am registered with both AFRMA (American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association) and NARR (North American Rat Registry)

North American Rat Registry

Want to reach me?

Email me or follow me on facebook!

I post tons of photos/updates on facebook!

I am located in Dunkirk, New York 14048
Serving the Western NY area, NE PA, Eastern Ohio

It is about an hour drive from Buffalo, NY
Two Hour drive from Rochester, NY
An hour drive from Erie, PA
40 mins from Jamestown, NY

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