Wait List for next available litters

I am currently on a small hiatus. My waitlist is currently closed at this time.

I am planning on reopening my waitlist towards the end of the year.

Wait-List info! 

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I keep a small waitlist of 5 people for males and 5 people for females

Once someone has bought rats they are removed and it opens up a spot for a new person.

The small waitlist size means people are not waiting a horribly long time and most people should be able to get babies within a litter or two unless they are looking for something specific or we have very bad luck with what sexes we get!


The very short wait list should mean a short waiting window. With most people able to get babies within a litter or two (unless they are waiting for something specific or we have bad luck with sexes available). This will help ensure that no life issues come up changing your ability to get rats while waiting.



Requirements to be added to the wait-list:

  1. You must be an approved adopter. 

  2. You must have given cage proof before you can be added.

  3. You have to sign the contract

  4. You must pay the full deposit before you can be added.

  5. You must be over 18 years old.

Please Read the FAQ Below for more information!



Frequently asked questions

Why have a wait-list?

I've been breeding for quite a while now and have tried a few different types of adoption processes as well as discussed it heavily with other breeders.

The goal of any process is to make it simple for both me, the breeder, and you, the adopter! It shouldn't be a major hassle or stressful and it should be as fair as possible while still ensuring the rats go to the best possible forever homes.

The honest truth is that adopting out our babies for a responsible breeder is a ton of work and probably one of the most stressful parts of breeding!

Like most breeders I used a first come system. I think almost every breeder I know uses this system. People are approved and from those approved when babies are available they go to whoever claims them first and usually pays a deposit.

It is not a perfect system but it is a lot less work and usually means active interested people are getting the rats. I like the idea of the system and it worked nicely for me for a long time.

But the issue I had was that I would get a great many people wanting babies and very few babies to go around. I would have amazing, great homes lined up. People so excited to adopt. They would share how their cage was all set up ready to go, filled with toys! Their kids were thinking of names!

And then adoption day came and I had 10-15 people wanting babies and 2 pairs available...

People would be disappointed understandably. As much as I would explain it was first come and they may not get any babies, its hard not to plan for it and be excited. So it kindof sucks for those who would discover they had longer to wait. It was like a lottery system and the biggest issue to me was that there was no way to see if you had a chance or not.

And that is what inspired this change. I wanted to give some sort of structure to the process.

Using a small wait list means the people on it would feel like they for sure will get babies in the near future. It is not a complete guarantee - babies still need to be the proper age and good temperament and only after I choose my keepers will I make babies available. Nature isn’t always fair as well and the right variety or sex may not be in your cards just yet!

The Wait-List Process (How to be added)

Requirements to be added to the wait list:

1. You must be an approved adopter.
You must fill out an adoption request and be approved.

2. You must have given cage proof before you can be added.
I require photo proof of your cage before you can be added to the wait list. The photo must be an actual photo of the cage itself. Not one online, not one if the box. You must write a note and place it in the photo so I know it is actually yours.The cage has to be approved and appropriate. Bar spacing must be 1/2" or less.

3. You have to sign the contract
4. You must pay the full deposit before you can be added.
*see below on how to pay!
5. You must be over 18 years old. Once a spot opens on the wait-list:
1. I will email all approved adopters to let them know 2. Those interested will reply back and be sent the wait list form to fill out 3. People will be added to the wait list in order that they have been approved That means that if I have 2 spots open and 3 people message me. If Person A filled out an adoption request & was approved in Jan, Person B did so in March, and Person C did so in June.

Person A & B would get the spots.

Why a PAID wait-list?

To be placed on the wait-list it requires a non-refundable deposit of $20 paid in full before you can be added. This is NOT an extra fee but comes directly out of the total price of the rats. So if a rat costs $40 and you have paid this deposit of $20, once rats are available you will only have to pay the other $20. Why pay? This ensures that you are committed to the purchase. People are far less likely to flake out if they have already given money, even such a low amount.

But the biggest reason is that it is very easy for people to jump on something as a "just in case" adding your name to some random list means very little. You may have zero interest of actually buying any rats, you may be fully aware that you are not currently looking but what harm is adding your name? Well it does take a spot away from someone else who is truly interested.

Paying a deposit is a "real life action" an actual physical step. This makes it more real. Paying ahead of time will ensure you to have a chance at getting and choosing babies before others. This skips much of the guesswork and you can have peace of mind that WHEN babies are available you will have a chance at them. The very short wait list should mean a short waiting window. With most people able to get babies within a litter or two (unless they are waiting for something specific or we have bad luck with sexes available). This will help ensure that there is little risk of life issues popping up changing your ability to get rats while waiting.

Why non-refundable?

Well if it was re-fundable the entire point would be quite moot.

Think carefully if you are ready and prepared to make this commitment to take in new pets. A pet is a major commitment for life. Through good times and bad times, ups and downs, and everything life throws at us. But you can also bring a pet home tomorrow and the very next week life throws chaos at you, what then?

Sometimes life throws big things at us that we have no control over.
If life events do change your ability you may stay on the wait list until things are better suited or if it will be a longer while asked to be placed on hold. Being on hold will allow you to come back and be at the end of the wait list when things are better.
But it is best to only make this commitment if you are confident you will be able to purchase within the next few months or so. Exceptions to the non-refundable status:

  1. If I decide you are no longer an approved adopter I will remove you from the wait list and at my discretion refund. If you are caught lying, being dishonest, broke the contract or it was discovered you abused/neglected animals you will not be refunded.
  2. If I close down my rattery or go on a hiatus for 6 months or longer, everyone will be refunded in a timely manner.
  3. If a MAJOR life event has occurred that would prevent you from taking rats, you might be refunded at my discretion. Most of the time you will just be placed on hold but there may be exceptions, I'm not heartless!
  4. If you are on the waitlist for only 1 specific variety and for whatever reason I stop breeding that 1 variety, you will be given the option to stay and choose other varieties or be removed & refunded.
  5. If the wait list is a giant failure and it doesn't work out, so I end it everyone will be offered either a refund or the option for me to keep it and have it count towards the purchase of the rats.

What if I don't trust people to pay upfront??

I have always required deposits upfront so there is not that big of a difference. I completely understand it is difficult to trust someone with your hard earned money. But I am professional and an established well known breeder. I am very active within the breeding community and feel that my name means something. I wouldn't throw all of my ethics, my reputation or my name out the window for $20 (or any amount of money! lol) I don't breed for profit, and I do not make a profit. Breeding is an expensive hobby! I breed responsibly because I love rats.

I explain above why I require a deposit. I don't only do it to save myself time, energy and stress but also to help ALL OF YOU! I don't like wasting your time either. And if 20 people ahead of you all keep flaking out that just sucks for all of us involved!

But if you are uncomfortable with this I have a few solutions.

At any time that no one on the wait list is interested or if I have more babies then selected by those on the wait list, I will open the remaining babies up as first come from approved adopters. So you could wait and see if that happens and hope to claim them first.

I can also suggest other breeders to you.

How & When do I pay to be added to the wait list?

You will be given 3 days to pay the deposit of $20 once you have claimed a spot. If you miss that time given the spot will be offered to someone else. How are deposits paid?
I will email you an invoice to the email you provided. I use cash app. It is by Square and it is safe and secure. I never have access to any of your information. You do not need the app to pay me through it.

If you do want to try or use cash app I really like it. Use my referral link and we both will get $5! cash.me/app/WMNWDJF If for some reason you are unable to pay this way, message me ahead of time and we can discuss it.

Why do I need cage proof?

I do require cage proof and for the new owner to have a suitable cage BEFORE they could pay a deposit or claim babies. You can't bring home rats to no cage or I have sadly had people tell me they were buying X cage and then went and bought a different very inappropriate cage. Well if they can't return it or refuse to then what? I always let people be approved without showing cage proof, as they may be waiting a while for babies so they can take their time to buy a cage. Or their cage may be stored away. And you can sit on my approved list until you are ready.

Being on the wait list means soon you will be getting babies! You need to be ready.

Looking for cage advice? See my page on cages!

Do I have to choose a specific sex?

If you do not already own any rats, you can have no preference and will be placed on both sex waiting lists. I allow this as some people truly have no preference and there is no way to possibly know if a litter will have how many of what sex or what I will have available. You will be removed from both wait lists once you get a rat of either sex. I do not sell mix sex rats. If you already have a specific sex, you can ONLY be on the wait list for that sex. So if you have females you must be on the wait list for females. What if your rats pass during that time and you now want the opposite sex? With the wait list hopefully being short it is doubtful that will occur often. If you know they will be passing soon, you may join the opposite sex list but can't adopt until they do.

If you are on the list for females and change your mind and now want to be added to males, I will allow this. But to be fair you will be placed at the bottom of the other list.

Do I have to choose a specific variety ahead of time?

No. You can leave it completely open, so that every litter born the babies that are available will be offered to you. Or you can let me know that there are some varieties you do not have any interest in and want to always pass on. If I only have those babies available I will skip you.

For example if you are not interested in dwarf, if you tell me I will go to the next person.

Can I choose 1 or more specific varieties only?

Yes. If you are ONLY looking for a specific variety you will be placed on the wait list and I will skip over you for any other varieties except the one(s) you are strictly looking for. Please note: I have some very established wonderful lines and some lines which are brand new to me and still works in progress and not yet available. This means a variety you want may not be available for a long time. If you still want to be placed on the wait list for that specific variety, thats fine with me but I can not promise any type of time frame that they will be available. Current varieties that may not be available soon:
Roan, BEW, Tonkinese, Spotted Tabby (Marble) and Downunder. Are all ones that may not be available for a while. Please also note the pricing of the varieties, which you can find on this page. Note* pricing is subject to change. If you are unsure of the variety you can find info on my website or just select that you want to consider all of them :)

Does being on the waitlist guarantee me a baby soon, a specific variety or from a litter?

NO. Being on the wait list doesn't mean you have claimed or bought any babies. It is not a guarantee that babies will be born, that babies will be any specific variety or sex, or that any babies will be available. 1. I don't breed just because, every single litter is carefully planned for my lines goals and the proper health and age of the does. I generally have litters every month or two but some lines are ones that are brand new and require more generations until they are ready. You may be waiting a few months. Look at my page HERE for upcoming litters to get an idea of what to expect. 2. I breed for my self and my lines first. I always have a goal in mind with my pairings and plan to keep babies. I always pick my babies first before listing what else is available. 3. Nature likes to laugh at our plans. I can't always be absolutely sure what I will get. I might have a litter of 8 males and 2 females... I just had a litter of 10 and 7 were dwarf! The more picky you are the harder it will be honestly lol 4. All babies will still not be made available until I am sure they are good quality pets and I have chosen my keepers. Sometime between 5-7 weeks usually. So I do apologize, you will still be waiting until then.

I'm on the wait list, now what?

Once I have a litter born....
they are somewhere between 5-7 weeks old....
I have chosen my keepers and which (if any) babies will be available.... I will contact all of those on the wait list (except those who have told me they aren't interested in these varieties) and explain what babies will be available. This will still be atleast 1+ weeks before they are ready to go home at 8 weeks old. Those in the #1 spot, will have first pick for each sex. The others on the list I will request they get back to me ASAP to let me know if they are passing or interested at all. And for a list of babies they absolutely do not want and a list of babies they would like, in order of most want to least. The babies get claimed in order of the wait list. You will have 1 week to reply with your picks or you will be passed.

Can I buy just 1 rat?

No. I do not sell single rats. But...
No. No exceptions. Why?

  • Rats should ALWAYS be kept in groups and never alone.
  • I will never tell someone not to quarantine and if you do it means that baby would be sitting all alone for a while.
  • I don't know your rats and I can't be sure they will be good temperament and accepting of a new baby. They may fight or you may need to do slow long drawn out introductions. Or they might just be unable to be together at all. This is not fair or good for the baby. It also leaves you having to find another rat to be their friend so they are not alone, worrying about bringing in viruses and hoping that you actually will bring in another rat.
  • Age groups matter a lot. Babies are hyper and playful silly things. Sometimes they are just nonstop go go go. While an older rat can be extremely lazy. Neither of them will have much fun together, with the baby wanting to play and the older rat being bugged.
Read here

What if I want more than 2 rats?

It will depend on how many babies are available. But it is usually more than fine to claim three babies.

Can I stay on the wait list after I adopt?

You will always be removed from the wait list once you have adopted rats. But you are more than welcome to be re-added right away if you go through the process and claim a spot again.

Is there a time limit on how long I can stay on the wait list?

No. If you want, you may stay on the list for all eternity I guess. Until you adopt, which you will then be removed, you can just stay and pass on litters until the unicorn of rats you are seeking is available. I won't push you to buy rat(s) you are not looking for.

Is the wait list anonymous?

Yes. I will keep a running list showing spots taken/available. It will not show names or any identifying information.