Wait List for next available litters

Wait-List Females

  1. Reserved TG (Silvermane)

  2. Reserved HG

  3. Reserved EP

  4. Reserved SM

  5. Reserved JT

Wait-List Males



  1. Reserved AP

  2. Reserved MW

  3. Reserved KD

  4. Available

  5. Available
    * = pending

Wait-List info! 

Please Read


I keep a small waitlist of 5 people for males and 5 people for females. Above is the list of those currently on the wait list and if there are any available spots you will be able to see. 

Once someone has bought rats they are removed and it opens up a spot for a new person.

The small wait list size means people are not waiting a horribly long time and most people should be able to get babies within a litter or two unless they are looking for something specific or we have very bad luck with what sexes we get!




This wait-list requires you to pay a non-refundable deposit to be added to the wait-list.

This ensures your commitment to the purchase. And gives you the chance to pick and choose the babies first.

The very short wait list should mean a short waiting window. With most people able to get babies within a litter or two (unless they are waiting for something specific or we have bad luck with sexes available). This will help ensure that no life issues come up changing your ability to get rats while waiting.



Requirements to be added to the wait-list:

  1. You must be an approved adopter. 

  2. You must have given cage proof before you can be added.

  3. You have to sign the contract

  4. You must pay the full deposit before you can be added.

  5. You must be over 18 years old.

Please Read the FAQ Below for more information!



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