Shipping Rats


I am currently NOT offering shipping. United Airlines, where we would have gone through has changed their policies and only are shipping cats and dogs at this time.


I am looking into other airlines but the prices are much much higher, more than double of what United charged. 


I apologize. I will update everyone when I know more!

Can you ship rats?

Yes! Shipping rats is done through cargo on an airplane. The same way you would bring a cat or dog.
You can not mail mammals through USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc... it is illegal and not safe.

Shipping rats is done all the time by breeders. If you are in one part of the country or world and are interested in working with a specific variety that they don't have near you, or working with a specific breeder that is far away, you can then ship the rats!

Shipping is safe. It is done with care. They have food/hydration substances, and the airline cargo is heat/air controlled. It is no more stressful than any journey to a new home.

The downside of shipping is that it is alot of trouble to go through and expensive. This is not something your average pet owner would likely be interested in. Sometimes interested parties go in together to cut the price down.

Shipping takes alot of preplanning and preparation. Supplies and reservations need to be ordered ahead of time.

I ship through United PetSafe.

  • I will only ship in groups. No single rats. No mixed sexes without a divided crate.

  • A deposit is required and the total price must be paid in advance. Everything is nonrefundable.

  • The rats require a specific travel cage, that I must order in advance.

  • I currently only ship within the US. I can point you to other breeders if you are outside. If you are on the Eastern side of Canada I am right near the border so you can hop over to visit!


All of these prices are subject to change. The final price may be more or less depending on your specific needs.

  • Airline Shipping Charge: $100-$145

               The airline charges $87 for 9lbs or less & $132 for 10-50lbs, rounded up on 8.75% sales tax)

  • Travel Crate: $45-$50 each.

               You may need multiple if you are purchasing many rats. The $50 is for multiple sexes, as they will be divided in one crate.

  • Travel Supplies: $10-$15

               Food, hydro balls, zipties to secure crate, etc....

  • My Travel fees: $50
             (This covers my gas/time. Going to/from the airport is around a 3+ hour trip for me. Lovely small town life! lol)


Vet Health Certificates. This is not required for shipping rodents. It is your choice if you would like one or not. I would never ship an animal I didn't feel was healthy and I would not sell an animal that was not healthy. I do feel shipping is safe or I would not do it. But if you would like the extra peace of mind, I would suggest it.


You will be looking to pay somewhere around $205+ not counting the rats themselves.

Contact me for any questions!


-Many thanks to Rotten Ritten Rattery for some help on pricing!