Sales Guarantee

**PLEASE read my Adoption Contract for FULL details and terms of my Guarantee, this is only a brief guideline and not the full terms of my contract.


If for any reason your new rat(s) are not working out or you are unable to keep them, I ask that they be returned to me at any time. A year or even 2+ years from now, I will still take the rats back no matter the reason. I will not give refunds and the rat must be returned to me at Buyer's expense.

I want every rat to go to the best home possible and have a good fit/bond with their owner. I will gladly work with you to the best of my ability if something isn't clicking with your new rat.

I breed with a focus on temperament and will never sell a rat that I feel is not an ideal pet with no aggression/hormonal issues. But if for some reason it occurs, I will take back the rat at any time and work with you if you so choose to exchange it for a rat from a future litter when possible.

If you would like to exchange your rat(s) I will attempt to work with you based on the rats I have that are not spoken for or a future litter. There may be additional fees to cover a quarantine and having to put the rat up for adoption again in the case of you wanting to exchange the rat. All rats need to be in good condition, free of any health or husbandry problems. It is always at my discretion to sell/give a rat to anyone.

Deposits are non refundable.

For the case of shipping/travel- all fees are non-refundable and if needed refunds will only be given for the cost of the rat(s) themselves.


All adopters are expected to quarantine their newly adopted rat(s) if they currently own rats.
In this sense quarantine means: to separate and isolate to prevent the spread of disease, including bacterial infections, viruses, fungus and parasites (both internal and external).

Quarantine needs to be in a separate rat free location and maintain a persistent quarantine environment. No shared air space and no handling between rats.
The minimum quarantine time is 21 days (3 weeks).

You can read about my quarantine practices and my thoughts on it here.
I quarantine all new animals coming in, even those from breeders that I absolutely trust and respect. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

So while I do trust my rats health, I would never tell anyone not to do a quarantine. The choice in the end is yours though. I ofcourse understand that not everyone is able to do a full proper quarantine, always do the best you can atleast.

If you choose not to or can not do a proper quarantine my health guarantee will be null and void.

My Health Guarantees

My goal is to have the very healthiest rats possible. If at any time I feel a rat is not the very best condition and health I would not sell it. 


When you pickup your rats:  

Always check over your rats when you pick them up and if there is any issues or questions, they should be brought up right away. If something is wrong you should know right away. Health Check Guide. Inspecting your rats will not offend me!



By accepting the rat you agree that there are no obvious health issues or concerns. i.e. no scabs, wounds, injuries, infestation, etc....

I guarantee that your rat(s) are at least 6 weeks of age and fully weaned. I guarantee that any females are not pregnant and that the rat(s) are the correct agreed upon sex.

That all rats are free from parasites & skin issues such as mange, ringworm, mites, lice or fleas. 

The rat(s) are free from any respiratory ailments. (Note: new home sneezes are common! Do not panic. The rats may need time to adjust to a new home filled with new scents. I suggest giving it about a week as long as it does not get worse and the lungs sound clear. Make sure you are also using proper bedding and there are no environmental stimulants that could cause issues such as air fresheners, detergents, candles, even strong perfumes, etc...)

If any of these issues are present within 48 hours of purchase, or a female gives birth within 22 days of purchase, you may return the rat (and babies if pregnant) and it will be replaced or your money refunded. Documentation from a licensed veterinarian must accompany the rat. 


Lifetime guarantee against congenital defect or disease: 

If at any time during the life of the rat(s) they develop a detrimental condition that dates from the prenatal or fetal state, you may return it and the rat(s) will be replaced. You must have documentation from a licensed veterinarian. This guarantee does not apply to tumors or Mycoplasma. 

My goal is to have the very healthiest rats possible. If at any time I feel a rat is not the very best condition and health I would not sell it.




If at anytime during the life of your rats, your rat becomes ill and no longer has a good quality of life, you may return it to me and I will humanely euthanize it. I know this is a difficult and often not discussed topic. I never ever want any one of my babies to suffer. The very thought of it breaks my heart. And so i feel this is an important topic to discuss and something I want to make sure is available for those who truly need it.


While I do hope that every one who adopts from me can afford and will seek vet treatment, I understand life is not always so simple. If for example hardships prevent you from acting right away leaving the rat to suffer, or you are unable to find a vet that will treat rats, treat right away or do so humanely (there is debate on the topic of different vet methods), I am more than willing to help.


What this means is that if at any time your rat is ill, injured, or has no more quality of life you may return it to me and I will either seek vet treatment myself if necessary or humanely euthanize the rat. I am not going to euthanize a healthy rat just because you no longer want it.


I will try to be available for emergency situations. I would never charge a thing. I can either save the body to be returned to you or give it a loving burial. I am sorry but no one can be present during it, it is just that it is in my home.


My method of euthanasia is humane and accepted by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). I can provide details if you would like to know. While I do not suggest at home euthanasia for the average pet owner, for those interested I will share the details privately as well if you wish to learn. It is truly a painless and peaceful way to go when done correctly.


Taking a life is never easy for me. It is a very emotional circumstance. I always cry. As difficult as it is, I know that it is something that is a part of life, and it is so important to me that no animal ever has to suffer in pain. I will say prayers for them, make sure they are relaxed, calm, know they are loved, given a last nummy and pets and wish them peace over the rainbow bridge.



Why do we need documentation from a licensed vet?
I am acknowledging that I am not a vet nor is the buyer, likely to be. To protect both of us a licensed vet should give their professional opinion on the health issues of the rat. It also prevents a buyer from causing abuse or neglect and blaming it on a health issue.
Why does this not cover tumors or myco?
While there are genetic links to these issues, by far the cause is environmental. Both tumors and myco flairups are by far mostly caused by husbandry issues. Diet, weight, stress, care, cleanliness, etc...
I try my best to breed healthy and strong animals. I want them to be able to fight off illness or never get it to begin with. Animals with beautiful temperament that are less likely to be stressed. Babies coming from strong healthy moms and are weaned naturally so they get a good strong start at life.
I feed my rats a healthy balanced diet and keep them at healthy weights.
I am careful to prevent environmental issues by limiting things like air irritants and provide clean cages.
I would not breed a sick rat. I would never breed a rat with a history of tumors or URIs.
Why only 48 hour guarantee?
Within 48 hours any symptoms should be very well noticeable. Once the rat has left my care so many factors could influence the rats health. Improper care or improper quarantine could occur.