*Note I have not tattooed any of my animals at this time.

Tattoos are given to all kinds of animals by breeders all of the time. It is a safe, humane, small tattoo used not for fun or art but for identification needs.

There are many reasons for this. When there are many different rats that all look the same it can be difficult or impossible to tell them apart without using some type of identification.

In other cases it can be a way to keep track of your animals so if rats are abandoned to shelters or re-homed they can be traced back to their breeder.

Tattoos are used on dogs, cats, farm animals, rabbits all the time by both breeders and vets.

There are other ways to mark identification on animals. Non invasive methods like using dyes, markers, or trimming fur. These can be troublesome and are not permanent. Trimming fur may not be noticeable enough and if too much is trimmed actually can cause issues with it not growing back in right. Markers & dyes do not have precise timing on how long they last. Sometimes they are gone overnight and then oops!

Other invasive methods some breeders use are ear tags, ear notching. I am personally not comfortable with either of these methods. I fear ear tags could cause tearing & ear notching is not a pleasant look.

Tattooing an animal is done with care to be nonstressful, quick and painless. Numbing cream is used first on the area. The animal is awake & can be lovingly held by its owner. The base of the tail is done, either the top or underside. It is done very quickly with usually just a small line, dot, dash or initials. It heals nicely with no issues.

I have tattoos myself lol Though this is a much simpler process. It is not done with a tattoo gun but a simple pen device that was developed for rabbits. Tattooing rabbits is a very common thing among show/breeders for identification needs.

Why am I considering this?

It is actually very common among rat breeders as well. When you are breeding varieties that look exactly the same it can be near impossible to tell them apart. Even if you kept them all separate one tiny mixup and you have no clue who is who!

While it is unlikely I would tattoo babies before I sold them, I figured I would ask people's thoughts and opinions on the topic. I can see it being helpful for those who choose to buy perhaps two Siamese or Burmese.

These polls are anonymous and I would love honest feedback!