My Other Pets

These rats are all simply pets and not used in my breeding lines.

*Pics and more info coming soon....





Yuna- Blue Variegated. She was a little miracle runt that made it! I adore her.
Cersei- Beige Hooded. Was a rescue that was a biter, she has never bitten me though. She also has very serious issues and is very easily stressed/can not be held. She has made huge progress- she actually takes treats from me now!

Twilight- Silvermane

Eclipse- Silvermane

Rory- Siamese Rex

Paige- BE Siamese

Leia- Black Rex

My current count of total girls (both pet + breeders): 18


Remy- Blue Berkshire. he is a huge sweetheart. He is one of my favorite males. He is just very chill.
Blue- Blue Blaze he was gotten off craigslist with his brother Apollo (RIP). Blue is my old man. he is so sweet with people but an absolute ass towards other rats :(
Trouble- Blue Variegated
Gemini- Siamese

Cloud- Blue Self

Barret- Black Self

Vincent- Black Rex Self

My current count of total boys (both pet + breeders): 19


Prue & Piper- gone too soon

Khaleesi- She was my mostest heart rat ever. I am going to miss her more then I can ever express.

Sam- He was such a sweet boy, lost him way too soon.
Rey- she had a tragic accident and I lost her far too soon. She will forever be missed,
Apollo  -Blue's brother. He was a huge floppy licky sweetheart.
Sookie & Willow - my very first rats. They started it all and I will forever love and cherish the time I had with them.


Daenerys (Dany)








Some of my rats

Lestat (6)
Gizmo (1)
Archer (9)
zelda (3)
yuna (2)
Jasmine (5)
elsa (2)
zelda (3)

Non Rat Pets

I have two dogs.

Trixie- a Chihuahua/Poodle mix who weighs about 10lbs.
Koda- a Husky

I am a huge cat lover. Cats truly own my heart. I hate to admit it, but if I could only have one pet it would be a cat.

Kisa- My husband's an my very first cat we got together as a couple. She is definitely my husband's though. She is my old lady, is incredibly pushy with love but loves everyone and everything.

Keeba- We found him as a tiny baby stray under our car. Funny story, I was arguing with my husband over who would go to the car to get pop because it was super late at night. he wouldn't go so I joked that I was going to be murdered (I'm weird). He told me if I didn't come back in 5 mins he would come look for me. Well I found the kitten! Who wouldn't come to me but kept crying if I walked away! awww. So my husband thought I was kidding around and didn't come back to see if he would come out. He comes out to find me laying in the road (trying to coax the kitten out)! We finally lured him out with food and have been in love ever since.

Kye- Kye was a birthday present from my husband to me. Kye stole my heart. As a kitten he was never away from me. If i was on the computer he was sleeping on my desk, my arm as a pillow. If I was in the living room he was in my lap. If I went to bed he slept next to me with his head on my pillow. He loves his toys alot. He will carry them around the house howling at the top of his lungs. He will also bring them to us as gifts <3 And very adorably he will "put his toys away" by stacking them all in piles lol

Kit- I don't have favorites but Kit is my baby. He is pure love. Someone my husband worked with caught him as an itty bitty baby from a feral colony. She didn't want to keep him but the shelter was full and she couldn't find him a home so was going to just toss him back outside. So even though we had way too many cats at the time, I had to take him. Kit wishes he could be a mommy and helped me with all my foster kittens. he loves to give baths (even to people).

Kira- Kira is my foster failure. I was fostering feral kittens at the time, being young they can still be tamed and put up for adoption. I caught Kira myself from a feral colony. She was ok being around people, she would sit in the same room out in the open. Even sit a few feet from you. But would not let anyone touch her. I tried and tried to get her to come around. Not even food worked. Finally I realized the key to her was play. I would play with a string and inbetween pet her some slowly. And she came around. Then we had a routine where I would put her in the bedroom with me at night (kittens be crazy). As soon as I got ready for bed she would be excited and rush ahead of me and be waiting in bed. She would snuggle with me at night and even grab my arm to make me pet her. We bonded very deeply. But she would not let anyone else touch her. Not even my husband. So there was no way she could be adopted out. I don't think I could have given her up after having to work so hard to earn her love anyways. She is over a year now and still 98% of the time won't let anyone else touch her, even my husband. But she sleeps with me and snuggles in my lap!

Dusty & Ziva- I recently took in these two kitties. I was pet sitting for a woman who had to move across the country. She had alot of pets and was not able to take them all with her. I just couldn't bare to see these two cats who had always known this life to be passed around or worse. I had to take them. Dusty is a butthead, he is not happy being an indoor cat but gets out on the leash on nice days. Ziva is a sweetheart who I adore! She is very licky lol


Kami- I had Kami since she was born. I was just a kid in like 5th grade. Her mom was a local stray that I fell in love with. My mom let us keep two kittens and Kami was one of them. She just became my cat. She was very much a royal bitch princess in every sense. She didn't like most people and didn't want to be held or bothered unless she came to you. She was not a lap cat. But if I cried she would come running and lick my tears away. She was my angel and no cat could ever replace her.

Guinea Pigs-

I never meant to have guinea pigs. Someone I knew had a male pig that she had rescued from a bad pet store situation. There guinea pigs were way way over crowded and the boys fought alot. Poor Guiness was bullied and his ears were all bit up and full of holes. :( This woman was a pet flipper big time, she would get a pet then get tired of it and rehome it. She was going to return this boy to the same pet store!

I couldn't have that happen so I took him in. I knew nothing about guinea pigs at the time. I read up all I could though right away, knew he needed a friend.

I lived in a small town, we didn't have really much of a market on ads or rescues. So i went to the local pet store and got a little baby boy for him. Or so I thought....

I made sure to look up online how to set pigs. I even had the employees check. I was sure it was a boy. He was not... So Gunny ended up having babies.

I let my niece and nephew name them- a little girl named Chocolate and a boy named Jamie.

I adore them all though. They are alot of fun, they make sooo much noise and it is cute. They are alot of messy work though!