Burmese & Sable Burmese

Description: Burmese is a colorpoint variety that has a warm brown to dark brown body and distinct darker points. Sable Burmese is the homo (2 copies of the gene) version and is darker. It works with the C locus but is not on the c locus. 

They can come in different colors and the agouti version is called wheaten Burmese. 


AFRMA standard for Burmese:

To be an even, rich mid-brown, devoid of dinginess, silvering, or patches, with darker points of the same shade. There is to be a strong contrast between the points and body colour. Eyes black.

Genetics: Bu

History: According to AFRMA: 

Originated from Edinburgh University in Scotland 1998 and were called Cinnamon




My lines:


My line began when I received a Mink Harley named Esme in early 2016 from HTG's Zoo, a rattery located in Indiana. Esme's first litter produced my first Burmese a male I named Illidan. He was a surprise and one of the most beautiful rats I have ever seen. I fell in love and decided to devote a line to the variety Burmese. 

As it first came from my Harley line, I did have them as Harley but have since moved away from that. As Harley is recessive it could potentially pop up, but it is not the focus. 

Currently, my line is Dumbo Burmese and Sable Burmese Velveteen, sometimes also Satin. Standard size.

As of May 2019, generation 5. My Burmese have not had any health issues or are one of my most lovely and good lines.

I take a lot of pics of my Burmese because I am whisker crazy and the Velveteen and Velveteen-Satin give amazing whiskers lol They are fabulous!