Variety: Roan

roan rat

Marking     ::     Genetics  ro   - recessive


Description: Roans are a little color changer and it can be very neat! They begin life as whatever color they are, and during their first molt they will begin to roan and develop white hairs. Over time their color fades, greys out. In some cases, they can become completely white! Ideally, you want them to keep some coloring. They will get lighter and lighter over time though.

They are really beautiful and striking!

Roan is a unique gene that it affects the marking gene of the hooded locus. And they have the pretty wedge blaze look. They can be any color (I had a Siamese roan once... don't do that lol) And they can be any coat type.


Roan is not yet standardized by AFRMA. It is a recessive gene.

History: Roan was discovered in the UK and was first called a Husky as the initial coloring resembled that of the dog Siberian Husky. You can sometimes still see people using the term Husky, but it is now called Roan. They have been around since at least the year 2000. 


Here is some more information and examples:




These pics show the same rat growing up. (and one of his black brother) 

This is Gemini a Russian Blue Roan Velveteen. 

As you can see he began life nicely colored with the wedge face and dark Russian Blue coloring. And over time he began to lose his coloring!

The start of my lines:

I received the start of my lines from Enchanted Hills Rattery in Kansas , in July 2018.

I began with three, Jedi & Taylor and a MM BEW (mismarked Black Eyed White) Roan named Katy.

I have since separated the line into two one a BEW Velveteen line and the other a Russian Blue Roan Velveteen.

My Lines:

Currently, my Roan line is:

Standard Ear

Standard Size

Russian Blue & Black

Velveteen coat (With standard coat as well)

No health issues so far. I haven't seen any hormonal issues but the temperament still needs a little more work. My boy Gemini has been an absolute mush doll and does so well with all the baby boys he is put with. But some of the others have had a slight nervous anxiety I would like to work out still.