Adoption Packs

With every adoption, you will receive a birth certificate for your rat for free. 

Breeders will receive a pedigree.

This will come in a folder for you to keep and keep future records in if you wish.


I am also selling adoption packs. All supplies are brand new, never used. Supplies may be limited, I'll try to offer some color selection when possible. Oxbow will be from my own opened food bag and placed in a ziplock bag.  

These must be ordered in advance. Payment must be made in advance through paypal or facebook. No refunds are possible in most cases of my discretion. Everything is priced either at cost, rounded up or a few dollars more for my time/storage of said item. 



Pictured is an example of some of the types of toys that may be included. 


Adoption Package

Includes an igloo, water bottle, selection of toys, 2lbs of Oxbow.


Selection of toys

This will include safe non toxic toys such as vine balls and shapes, wooden rings, organic apple sticks, cat balls, etc...


Oxbow Rat Food 1lb

This is what I feed my rats and what they will be used to eating. This will come from my opened current bag and will be portioned into ziplock bags. My food is stored in an air tight pet food storage container and only lasts me about 2-3 weeks so it is very fresh!


Water Bottle

This is the water bottle I use in my cages and all babies will be familiar with. Brand new, still in packaging.



All are brand new. I may have limited color options. (current color selection- Blue)


Bag of Treats 1lb

Includes: Multi grain Cheerios, Rice cereal, Walnuts in shell, Sliced Almonds, Dried Apple, Dried Cranberries, Dried Strawberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Flaked Barley, Puffed Quinoa, Organic Rolled Oats. EVERYTHING is no sugar/salt added. Treats should always be given in moderation


Bag of Organic Treats 1lb

Everything is organic. No salt/sugar added. Includes- pumpkin seeds, dried apple, dried cranberry, sliced almonds, freeze dried strawberries, rolled oats


Cement Mixing Pan

These are used in the bottom of the CritterNations to hold bedding. They are cheaper to purchase them yourself but they are big and bulky for me to get/store. Make sure it can fit in your car for pickup!


Plastic Bins

These bins are the perfect size to hold bedding on CN shelves.


Kiln Dried Bedding 5.5 cu ft

I use kiln dried pine from Tractor Supply in the fine quality. It is a very large bag so make sure you have space for pickup!


Bin Cage Supplies

This includes the materials to create a bin cage including- pre cut rectangles of hardware cloth, nuts/bolts/washers. Instructions on how to make it. This is a good option for those who want to make a bin cage, but do not want to purchase an entire roll of hardware cloth & the right bolts. You have to supply your own bin.


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I am also offering items for sale with my adorable logo on them! T-Shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows, totes, mugs, etc... 


If you are interested please check out-


(as of 3/2/2018 I have purchased a T-Shirt myself from the site and will post pics when it has arrived! I have heard great things about this website and it is highly recommended for custom printing!)



Greeting Cards with my logo on them.
Folded Blank Inside- 10 for $20, 20 for $26

Flat Post Card Style- 10 for $15, 20- $20



Printed photos

if you would like some baby photos of your rats to have for your records I will gladly work with you on which photo(s) you would like. 

Standard Photo- between $1-2 each



If you would rather purchase them yourself-
I get the igloos on amazon,

waterbottles from walmart,

cement mixing pan at home depot (we have one in Dunkirk),

bedding at tractor supply (we also have one here in town),

oxbow I purchase in 20lb bags from